Recipes favorite desserts Cristiano Ronaldo from the world famous Italian pastry chef (photos)

Рецепты любимых десертов Криштиану Роналду от всемирно известного итальянского кондитера (фото)

Legendary player Cristiano Ronaldo — the idol of millions. And very soon it will be possible to see in Kiev. Of course, fans of every interesting detail about the players: in that dressing that eats that keen spare time. At the hotel where going to stop a legendary player and do not disclose neither his household rider (list of demands to the receiving side), not something going to show the famous guest.

However, the “FACTS” were able to mingle with world famous chefs who cooked for Cristiano Ronaldo. As you know, athletes have a special diet. No exception and Ronaldo. Recent healthy diet, he pays a lot of attention. And it is connected not only with the desire to have a beautiful figure, which judging by the social media player is very proud of. Then, in what form is the player, of course, affect the results of the game and how long he can stay in his beloved profession.

Рецепты любимых десертов Криштиану Роналду от всемирно известного итальянского кондитера (фото)

*Nutrition Cristiano Ronaldo pays special attention. Photo from the page Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram

The basis of the diet Cristiano Ronaldo — fish, vegetables, fruit. The player eats 4-5 times a day. Loves cheese, soy cheese “tofu”. Preferred types of fish — sea bass, swordfish, bream. Chicken for Cristiano Ronaldo steamed. Love the sauces that stimulate appetite, the player is no different and we can say, they almost do not consume.

The portion size is strictly limited, and 3-4 hours before bedtime Cristiano Ronaldo already not having dinner. When legendary football player meets with friends in a restaurant, usually order grilled meat or lean fish and a glass of dry wine. Nothing more!

Virtually all your diet Cristiano Ronaldo painted in social networks, and among the admirers of his talent many of those who seek to follow him. However, in order to do this, we need not only willpower, but the motivation is similar to that in Ronaldo. I wonder what “diet Cristiano Ronaldo” is inspiring to have good form not only men but also women.

For Breakfast Ronaldo is a cereal made with whole grains or low-fat cottage cheese, fruit. For lunch — definitely a light salad. Lunch includes a salad plus meat or fish.

According to the player, if during the day he feels a sudden hunger, drink a glass of fresh juice or eats some your favorite fruit.

But there was a time when the famous football player had a sweet tooth. And, as he himself admits, and now sometimes could not resist not to try some delicacy.

As told to “FACTS” in an interview with chef Ronnie Badendyck, Ronaldo was such a sweet tooth that could order room service a few balls of ice cream even at night. In Saudi Arabia, where he came to participate in the games at the personal invitation of king Abdullah, stood hot days. The ice cream was not only delicious, but also saved from the unbearable heat.

The Italian pastry chef Leonardo’s Antoniucci a few years ago, working in the Maldives were treated to the famous player’s lemon sorbet with fresh fruits — mango, pineapple, passion fruit. After tasting the treat, Cristiano Ronaldo said: “Very tasty!” And although cook is not a fan of the player, it was very nice to him.

Рецепты любимых десертов Криштиану Роналду от всемирно известного итальянского кондитера (фото)

*Created by Leonardo Antonucci the desserts are true works of art. Photo by the author

The secret of making your favorite treats and Cristiano Ronaldo’s Leonardo Antonucci shared with the “FACTS.”

Lemon sorbet with fruit

To prepare him for the company of family and close friends (10-15 servings) take 1.1 liters water, 120 grams of glucose, 60 grams Tremaine (it can be found in assortment of online shops where pastry), 550 grams of sugar, 600 grams of lemon juice. To bring all this to a boil and allow to cool. Then place overnight in the refrigerator. Serve sorbet with mango, pineapple and passion fruit. Decorate a treat can mint.

Also Cristiano Ronaldo is left excited about the creme brulee, prepared with Leonardo’s Antoniucci. And his recipe famous pastry chef with the guests at different times was also the Royal family of Bahrain, the Swiss tennis player Roger Federer and other famous people, has graciously provided the readers of “FACTS”.

Orange creme brulee

To prepare 10-15 servings you will need 700 grams of cream, 100 grams of milk, one peeled orange, vanilla pod 280 grams egg yolks 300 grams of sugar 200 grams of white chocolate.

Place cream, milk, orange juice with vanilla on fire. Whipped with sugar yolks, pour in the mixture.

Bringing the mixture to 82 degrees, pour in a ceramic form, cover with chocolate and place in the oven. Cook for 35-40 minutes at a temperature of 100 degrees.

And today a favorite dessert of Cristiano Ronaldo remains a fruit salad of mango, papaya and passion fruit with mint syrup. It is very easy and incredibly delicious!

Fruit salad of mango, papaya and passion fruit with mint syrup

Cut the fruits. Instead of the exotic fruits you can use and seasonal. Mint syrup is prepared. Water with mint leaves boil for one minute. Broth strain and refrigerate. Pour over the fruit. The same principle can be cooked in vanilla syrup.

And Bon appetit!

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