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Reclaim your freedom

Reclaiming your freedom


Author of numerous best-selling books that reflect his passion for philosophy, psychology and personal development, Laurent Gounelle questions freedom and the loss of freedom, collective manipulation and the fact that people's fears are sometimes useful to some, in his new book, Le Réveil.

Tom, a young engineer, one day comes to grips with a worrying situation in his country. A situation that sows fear in the heart of the population.

In this unprecedented context, those in power are adopting various very restrictive measures that jeopardize people's freedom.

Tom, caught up in the turmoil of all these events, wonders further after a Greek friend reminds him that some people may find it beneficial to sow panic and fear in a population. 

Laurent Gounelle writes that Tom is in a country at war against death… A novel inspired by the pandemic? “Absolutely. Or rather by the reaction of the policies of different countries to this pandemic. The pandemic is one thing. It really exists. There really is a virus going around and it is a deadly virus, even if the death rate is low. Given the fact that the virus was very contagious, that's still a lot of deaths in a year,” he explains. “I myself have been affected in my family, like almost all families. seemed “quite out of touch with reality”. “It got me wondering. I said to myself: why these measures that do not always make sense? I had followed these measures in Canada [and] I remember that there were things as surprising as here, in France. ”

As time passed, he researched and drew his personal conclusions about the power of governments, the role of the media, and the effect of repeating bad news.

“  The more we play with people's fears, the more people are willing to give up their freedom. This is the starting point of the novel. In my opinion, the freedom of a human being is not something trivial. It is something that touches the essence of being human. 

Absence of debate

He quotes on this subject the first words of the book Du contrat social, by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, published in 1762: “  man was born free.” “We cannot give up our freedom, like that, without asking ourselves questions, without there being a debate too, just because we want more security. Everyone wants security. ”

The problem, in his view, is that there is no debate. “We are gradually sliding towards a society of control and a society where human beings lose their freedom, but we haven’t talked about it. There was no democratic choice about that. For me, this is a real problem. »

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