Reconfinement should no longer be an option

Refinement should no longer be an option


A specter haunts Europe, that of containment .

In Austria, today, it is re-fining, and elsewhere, it is envisaged, ahead of the fifth wave. On that count, we understand that we will now be able to count the Covidian waves until the end of time. & Nbsp;

Are we facing a seasonal virus that will now come back to haunt us in a loop, in a cyclical manner?


In France, if we refuse to reconfinement, and even to consider reconfinement, the government explains that all means are nevertheless possible. Message understood. & Nbsp;

Containment, like a radical measure, of course, now belongs to the health management techniques of our governments. What was unimaginable two years ago now belongs to the universe of Covidian normality. & Nbsp;

Let us qualify, however, our point: the relationship to the epidemic is also changing. The progress of vaccination helping considerably, we see that the waves no longer affect us in the same way. & Nbsp;

The dream of eradicating the virus has been replaced by the objective of neutralization relative of its effects – we could also speak of a de-dramatization of its consequences. & nbsp;

We even wonder what are the most appropriate indicators to properly tackle the health crisis. & Nbsp;

Should we still obsessively count the cases daily, or should we now pay attention mainly to hospitalizations and to those who are in intensive care?


If we favor this last option, the management of the crisis is transformed. The healthcare system must now be adapted to the cycle of the virus and the means necessary to manage those severely affected by COVID. & Nbsp;

But containment should no longer be seen as an option. We cannot put society on hold over and over again. You can't frame social life with finicky regulations either. & Nbsp;

This is what I call psychologically coming out of COVID. It's an emergency too.

Refinement should no longer be an option

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