Record daily case of COVID-19 in Vietnam

Record quotidien de cas de COVID-19 au Vietnam

Vietnam, which had managed for months to curb the epidemic of coronavirus, identified 45 new patients Friday, a record in the country since the beginning of the crisis, a-t-on learned from the authorities.

No cases of local transmission had been detected for 99 days, from mid-April to mid-July.

The virus reappeared last weekend in Da Nang, a popular resort and tourist center of the country.

The origin of this new home has not been determined for the time being. Since then, the epidemic has spread in several cities, including the capital Hanoi, where two cases have been identified.

In a week, a hundred new patients have been listed in the whole of Vietnam, of which “45 for the single day of Friday”, have informed the authorities.

These last were not slow to react.

A field hospital is being set up at Da Nang in case the epidemic worsens, according to the official media.

The government is also concerned that the virus will become more important in Hanoi.

Some 21 000 inhabitants of the capital, who have recently stayed in the resort, are in the process of being screened. The bars were closed and large gatherings banned since Wednesday.

The majority of the 1.1 million inhabitants of Da Nang are advised not to leave their homes in case of absolute necessity, and links to reach the city were interrupted.

The world health Organization (WHO) has repeatedly highlighted the speed with which Hanoi was reacting to an attempt to control the epidemic.

Shortly after the detection of the first patients in January, Vietnam, which shares a long porous border with China, has conducted a strict policy of quarantine and tens of thousands of people were left in camps guarded by the army to the four corners of the country.

The authorities have also put in place a strict follow-up of infected people based on the networks used for decades by the communist regime to relay the action of the party in the districts.

With the new cases, the country has to this day 509-infected persons and zero deaths.

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