Record of new cases of COVID-19 Brazil: nearly 68 000 in 24 hours

Record de nouvelles contaminations de COVID-19 au Brésil: près de 68 000 en 24h

RIO DE JANEIRO | Brazil has registered on Wednesday, an explosion of new infection with the coronavirus, with 67 860 registered cases in the past 24 hours, announced the ministry of Health, a record figure.

In total, more than 2.23 million people have been infected by the COVID-19 in the largest country in Latin America.

Five months after the detection of the first case, the countries where the novel coronavirus is more deadly, after the United States complained in a total of 82 771 death Wednesday, after an increase large daily — 1284 died — according to ministry data.

The last record of new cases daily of infections in this country of 212 million people dating back to June 19 (54 771) and the explosion announced Wednesday, appears surprising.

Last Friday, the world health Organization (WHO) has stated that the pandemic had reached a plateau in Brazil, and had called the authorities to seize this opportunity to push back the disease.”

The official figures, brazilians are considered to be largely inferior to the reality by the scientific community, because of the absence of a test mass in this country including the president, Jair Bolsonaro, has also been contaminated, as well as several members of his government.

Fierce critic of containment, Mr. Bolsonaro, 65 years old, is located in forty prolonged after a third positive test on Tuesday, two weeks after the announcement of the contamination.

High progression of the curves

The curve of the pandemic is so far from being controlled in Brazil, where the average of deaths on seven days slippery remains above 1000 for more than a month, with large regional disparities.

The country has almost as many pandemics as its 27 federal States: the curves are progressing strongly in the affected areas more recently, including the south and center-west, while we are seeing a stabilization or a decrease elsewhere, such as in Sao Paulo or Rio, affected first.

But the State of Sao Paulo, the most populated and rich part of the country, account for one-quarter of all deaths in the country, with 20 532 people dead, and nearly 440 000 contamination.

Rio de Janeiro is the second for the balance of death, with 12 443 dead, for more than 148 000 new cases.

These two States have initiated the déconfinement several weeks ago, but in a hasty way according to many scientists.

He has failed in Brazil, according to experts, a policy of national fight against the pandemic, a long time qualified as a “small flu” by the president Bolsonaro, who is taken to the governors proconfinement, in the name of the backup of the first economy of Latin America.

Contaminated to turn, and no surprise given his disregard for the distancing and physical resistance to wearing a mask, he displayed an unwavering faith in the hydroxychloroquine.

Jair Bolsonaro is treated with this molecule for which the benefits have not been scientifically proven, but it can lead to heart problems. He would suffer two electrocardiograms per day.

Sunday, he held up a box of this drug before his supporters at the exit of the presidential palace of Alvorada, in Brasilia.

“This is clearly to deceive the population”, said to AFP Margareth Dalcomo, pulmonologist of the institute of reference Fiocruz.

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