Recovery of group sports as early as Monday in Quebec

Reprise des sports collectifs dès lundi au Québec

New stage of the plan déconfinement tomorrow, a recovery team sports throughout Quebec.

Soccer, baseball… they are more to look forward to coming back on land and they are preparing for a summer that will be very different, regardless of the league.

The distance of two meters between the players of baseball should be respected, and until proof to the contrary, no activity in the form of a party will be held.

“It’s going to be to each his own stick, distance on the bench. Maybe we’ll send some of the young people in the grandstands, each with his gourd,” says Jean-Philippe Roy, regional vice-president of Baseball Québec.

Fans of boxing will be able to romp again. The club Empire Academy of Quebec has had to adapt its platforms course formula external.

“It is ready, it was already equipped for this to be safe, we did read the guide at the level of the gyms and sports. People are going to move in one direction, enter one side and exit to the exterior platform of the other. It was, of course, reduces our courses”, says Ève Fortin, director at Empire Academy.

In the world of tennis, he is allowed to play in singles since last may 20. Even if it is still impossible to play in doubles, he will be allowed to repeat certain courses of groups with a maximum of four students per group.

“We’re going to be able to practice stuff where you will be able to satisfy the distancing between the players in contrast to games in double,” says Jean-Michel Guimond of the Club Tennis Montcalm.

As for the indoor tennis : “Still not allowed and we can’t wait to know why,” he adds.

No soccer game this summer, at least, not yet.

“It is not necessary to expect that one embarks on the terrain to make matches of league, for example, of the 11 against 11, 7 against 7. This will be instead of training,” says David Theriault, director-general of the Club of soccer Lévis-Is.

“There is the possibility to do exercises in two by two, even games with opposition, 4 against 1, 2 against 2, with delineated areas to comply with so that the players do not approach too close”, believes his counterpart and sporting director of the soccer Club Chaudière-Ouest, Benoit Forget-Chiasson.

Soccer Quebec must first approve the training protocol of the many clubs of the province before they can start their activities.

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