Recovery of the deposit by the retailers as early as 8 June

Reprise de la consigne par les détaillants dès le 8 juin

The agreement between the brewers and the retailers regarding the recovery of the returnable containers only lasted a few days. RECYC-QUÉBEC will force grocery stores and convenience stores to resume the collection system before the COVID-19 as early as 8 June. A decision that creates the discontent.

“It is hard to understand how they may find a solution that we barely had time to put in place,” said the Newspaper, the director of government relations at the canadian Council of retail – Québec (RCC), Jean-Francois Belleau.

The latter mentions that the total investment, in both time and money, retailers amounted already to approximately$ 2.1 Million to comply with the measures of the agreement signed on may 11.

The Workers ‘ union, united food and commerce (TUAC Québec) digests so poorly the decision of RECYC-QUÉBEC. It requests the government to keep the agreement. He did not rule out the possibility of advising its members to exercise their right to refuse to perform work that would represent a danger.

Franck Hénot, owner of the Intermarché Boyer, is concerned for the health of employees and customers : “The file is in the process of lying because I speak to you here. Imagine when I have someone for 15 minutes, I’m going to have to enforce measures of distancing and washing hands… We are going to do what ? “

Since the beginning of the agreement, nearly six million containers were recycled, according to the canadian Council of retail – Québec.

The brewers met

Last week, The Journal wrote that the tone rose between retailers and the major brewers, such as Labatt, Molson and Sleeman.

The latter claimed that their needs bottles to support their production were ” far from being met “. They have sent a letter this week to the government to denounce this situation.

Thanks to the agreement signed on may 11, the Brewers Association of Quebec (ABQ) hoped to recover about 1 million bottles per day. Since this date, approximately 3.1 million were collected.

The DG of the ABQ has not hidden to be satisfied with the recovery of the collection. He mentions that over a hundred jobs in the industry were at stake.

“The brewers intend to produce 366 000 boxes of 24 during the first three weeks of June. They were short of bottles. Two production lines have already been arrested. The bottles, the standards, the factories were operating at 30 % of their capacity, ” he says.

RECYC-QUÉBEC also plans to impose the system of standard collection from the 8th of June at the outside of the island of Montreal. This means that retailers will have to accept again the bottles and cans in their store.

For Montreal, the date set is the 22nd of June. Retailers will be required to remit all deposit amounts collected to the consumers.

Large chores

During the last days of the big chores have been held in parking lots where people could give their containers. Some retailers have also paid monies to construct facilities outside of their trade for store items.

The RCC and the Association des détaillants en alimentation du Québec refused, up to now, the recovery of the returnable containers to be place inside the stores to protect customers and employees.

Some key dates

  • On may 7, the government had summoned members of the industry to quickly conclude an agreement for the return of returnable containers, without which it imposed its solution.
  • On 11 may, an agreement was announced. The collection had to be done outside of the stores and at major chores.
  • During the week of may 18, the new system had to be developed.
  • May 28, RECYC-QUÉBEC announced that he would force grocery stores and convenience stores to resume the collection system before the COVID-19.
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