Recovery rooms elsewhere in the world

Relance des salles ailleurs dans le monde

Raphaël Gendron-Martin

The hope is revived in the cinemas and the theaters. While the government Legault has held out the prospect on Monday of a possible re-opening of some venues in Quebec before the 24 June, a number of institutions elsewhere in the world have started to host a limited number of spectators. Tour of the horizon.

In advance on Quebec in their process of déconfinement, most european countries have already opened or have announced the dates for the reopening of their cinema theatres under certain conditions. From one country to the other, the health measures to be applied are the same : reduced number of spectators, wearing a mask mandatory, marking the ground for the alienation, physical disinfection of rooms after each session…

Norway has started the ball rolling by re-opening its cinemas from the beginning of may, by limiting the number of spectators at 50. In the last few days, the cinemas in Spain, Portugal, and Austria have got to turn the green light to reopen their doors, but several of them have preferred to wait a few more weeks to make sure we put in place sanitary measures.

Spectators met the distancing during a show in Lisbon.

In France, movie-goers will have to wait until June 22. As in Quebec, a guide to health for the reopening of the halls is currently in preparation.

On this side of the ocean, a few u.s. States such as Texas and Georgia have already approved the reopening of the cinemas. But major chains such as AMC and Cinemark have decided to keep the doors of their complexes closed to the exit of the first big films of the summer, in July.

A movie theater little busy in Portugal.

Concert unsatisfactory

On the side of concerts, some countries have experimented with distance and rooms filled to about 20 % of their capacity. This was the case at Fort Smith, Arkansas, for an acoustic concert by Travis McCready.

To take the temperature, arrows on the floor to indicate directions, masks mandatory, everything has been put in place to ensure the safety of spectators.

“It was far from what many might consider to be satisfactory, wrote the Rolling Stone about the concert. The first concert with social distancing of the United States gave the impression of a general rather than a typical experience of the show. “


Cinemas :

  • South korea : end of April
  • China : may 8,
  • Norway : may 7,
  • Czech republic : may 11,
  • Germany : may 15,
  • Austria : may 29,
  • Spain : 1 June
  • Portugal : 1 June
  • Finland : 1st of June
  • The netherlands : 1 June
  • Greece : June 8,
  • Italy : 15 June
  • France : 22 June
  • Sweden : 3 July
  • England : 4 July
  • Ireland : August 10,

The venues :

  • Germany : may 15,
  • Taiwan : may 25,
  • Austria : may 29,
  • The netherlands : 1 June
  • Portugal : 1 June
  • Spain : 1 June
  • France : 2 June (green zone)
  • 22 June (orange zone)
  • Italy : 15 June
  • Japan : June 19th
  • Denmark : in early August
  • Ireland : August 10,
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