Recycle the asphalt for better roads?

Recycler l’asphalte pour avoir de meilleures routes?

This is not a secret: the quality of roads, Quebec, leaves something to be desired in many places. As well as the maintenance deficit is estimated at approximately$ 16 billion.

However, a technology rarely used in the province, the recycling of asphalt, in the cold, could it extend the life of the road network?

Ali Excavation, one of the few companies to use it, believes that we could almost double the life span of our roads if it was used more.

“We complain all the time that the roads are not beautiful. It was a solution that can double the life”, ahead of Marc-André Loiselle, president and ceo of the company.

In addition to correcting the multiple degradations of the streets as the grooves, the cracks, and the delamination of interface, the cold recycling of asphalt would produce a pavement more durable. This is without counting the environmental benefits associated with the technique.

The process involves removing a layer of 100 mm on a floor previously coated with a layer of cement and remixing the whole thing to create the recycled product.

“What it does, the cement is that it comes to give stability,” says Mr. Loiselle.

The whole is subsequently compacted.

“The known step, the compaction step is very important in this process-still there. Because the better the compact, the longer it will last. Therefore, it takes a lot of good rolls,” said Marc-André Loiselle.

The catch, however, is that although the technique is faster than the traditional method, it is also a little more expensive.

“We are talking about a 25% of more of costs on the entire project,” says Mr. Loiselle.

The investment of Quebec this year are more than$ 3 billion for the rehabilitation of roads. Remains to be seen if this will be profitable in the long term.

Ali Excavation, whose revenue will pass the$ 100 Million this year, was Friday, his last day of recycling.

“There are more contracts that are given. It is the 7 August. It remains a package of beautiful days to be able to recycle”, laments Mr. Loiselle.

The company does not intend to stay there. She wants to sit down soon with the ministry of Transportation of Quebec (MTQ) to discuss.

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