Redevelopment surprise of an artery in montreal

Réaménagement surprise d’une artère montréalaise

MONTREAL – The traders of the rue Notre-Dame West, in the borough of South-West of Montreal, have been surprised to learn last Friday that redevelopment work would begin this week.

“Before last Friday, we were not aware of it. We received a letter which explained that they will close the street,” said Evan Hughes, manager of the furniture store Beige.

According to traders interviewed by TVA News, Wednesday, the consultation was practically non-existent. The borough of Sud-Ouest and the Société de développement commercial (SDC) of The neighbourhoods of the canal belie this assertion.

“Since 15 may, it was clear that the intention was to make a VAS (active voice safe) here and since then, there has been some communications in relation to Facebook, etc, But by and large, the SDC is still communicated, and we worked with them,” said the deputy mayor of the borough, Alain Vaillancourt.

On Wednesday afternoon, workers were installing tags on Notre-Dame street West, in the sector of the Petite-Bourgogne. Thus, the space reserved for car traffic is reduced, while those for the terraces and pedestrians is increased.

A new one, which pleased all the same some merchants.

“For deliveries, for all that, that complicates it a little bit, but yes, it is safe only if it enlarges our surface to install more people, we will foster” admitted Ariane Guertin of the Pizzeria Geppetto.

Twenty parking spaces have suddenly disappeared, don’t agree to other traders.

“There are 25 spots that disappear. If we had known earlier, we would have been able to find a solution,” said the owner of the Pub Burgundy Lion, Toby Lyle.

The deputy mayor is, however, of the opinion that the project will be beneficial for traders.

“We think that it is worth a try. We think that merchants need an effective commercial. We think that everything must be put in place to attract customers. If we don’t try, we don’t give the chance to businesses to grow during the crisis”, said Alain Vaillancourt.

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