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Redécouvir le plaisir de la lecture

After having seen an explosion in online sales, the bookstores are their customers. In the branches of the Library of the Sun, in Gatineau and Ottawa, the recovery takes place in a beautiful way.

“I even feel that people read more than before “, launched the president and founder of Francine Mercier-Chevrier.

She mentioned that there were a lot of customers on Saturday.

“It was really a big day and it was a lot of people for a Saturday summer. It’s going very well and we are quite busy “, she noted during a telephone interview.

Reading, she says, is an activity that is done without having to take account of the social distancing.

“It is done alone “, she added.

The Library of the Sun has seen the light of day in 1988 in Gatineau. It has, since 2014, a storefront on the boulevard Saint-Raymond.

Eight years later, in 1996, it was the acquisition of the library Trillium, a victim of bankruptcy, in order to have a branch office in the federal capital. It is located within the Byward Market on George street and is attended by students, members, and tourists.

The founder runs the two libraries, which employ about twenty people in the company of three employees to become partners.

The two branches have closed physically their doors 16 and 17 march, before reopening at the beginning of the month of June, after having obtained the green light from authorities. The plexiglas panels are in place, the entries are limited, clients must wash their hands upon entry, and the port of the mask is mandatory.


The Library of the Sun has faced during the closures, to an explosion of online orders from the website, by email and by phone.

“The kids’ books, pocket books, bestsellers and literature in general have been in great demand. It has not sold a lot of travel guides, ” noted Francine Mercier-Chevrier, with a hint of irony.

Postal orders have left the Gatineau and Ottawa to be directed a little everywhere in Quebec.

“We have sent a lot of postal orders outside of our region, Rimouski, elsewhere in Canada and even in Europe. Online sales have slowed down since the re-opening of the shops, but there are still a lot, ” she said.

The bookstore has also implemented a service for the collection of books on site and a delivery service in the area.

“The father of a partner has made deliveries by bicycle and former employees have offered their services. We had a nice support, ” said Francine Mercier-Chevrier.

The president-founder believes that things will return to normal when a vaccine will be in place.

“I’m optimistic, but I think he’s going to have to wait for a vaccine. This virus, it is serious and people tend to forget it “, she dropped, making a reference to the current period of déconfinement.

The suggestions of Francine

Redécouvir le plaisir de la lecture

The riddle of the chamber 622

Joël Dicker



Ferdinand Von Schirack


The forgotten Sunday

Valérie Perrin


The shade of Gray Mountain

John Grisham


Do not pull on the mockingbird

Harper Lee


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