Reforms in police: a rise in shootings in New York city feeds the controversy

Réformes policières: une hausse des fusillades à New York nourrit la polémique

Increase of 130% of the shootings in June, 11 dead nothing that this weekend: the new york police said, on Monday, an increase of the crime she attributed partly to the climate created by the protests, anti-racism, fueling the controversy about the reform of police-initiated after the death of George Floyd.

Among the reasons for the increase, officials of the new york police have pointed to the premature release of detainees for fear of infection with the coronavirus in the prisons, the closing of the courts, according to chief Terence Monahan, “an animosity huge” against the police in the wake of the protests Black Lives Matter, which has “reduced the moral” agents.

The increase in shootings — + 130% in June 2020 compared to June 2019 — had already been criticized by New York police in recent weeks. The holiday weekend of July 4, confirmed the trend: 45 shootings and 11 deaths listed on three days, according to the police, compared with 16 shootings on this period in 2019.

Mr. Monahan has also denounced a new municipal act “crazy”, which, according to him, can now be used to indict any police officer who would keep a suspect on the ground by pressing on his chest.

George Floyd was killed may 25 by a white policeman, which kept his knee on his neck for nearly nine minutes, while the black man kept saying not being able to breathe.

The mayor, democrat of New York, Bill de Blasio, has called this rise in shootings, while the crime was in steady decline in New York since the 90’s— “situation very serious”.

But to him who has publicly supported the protesters has especially pointed to the pandemic as an explanation.

“We feel the effects of people locked up for months, economic activity has not yet fully resumed”, he said at a press briefing, calling it also the closure of the courts of the “central problem”.

This upsurge in shootings is likely to stoke the controversy over the reforms in police and in particular the decreasing budgets of the police— initiated in several cities run by democrats, like New York, Chicago or Seattle, to respond to these manifestations of racism without precedent since the years 60.

President Donald Trump has multiplied recently tweets to denounce these reforms, and the mayors are democrats in these cities, finding still on Monday as New York and Chicago “protect the criminals”.

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