Regina todorenko decided to “catch up” with Elon musk, Billy Iles and the Creator of Instagram, an unexpected development beauty

Регина Тодоренко решила "догнать" Илона Маска, Билли Айлиш и создателя Instagram, неожиданная разработка красотки

today, 17:35

Known Ukrainian TV presenter and singer Regina todorenko often attracts the attention of fans of the unusual posts in Instagram. Recently, the celebrity has put gorgeous portrait frame, posing in a fluffy sweater is a milky color with massive gold chains on his neck. So, the artist has pleased fans of unexpected news: it turns out that soon will be released the first book of Regina, which will consist of good stories dedicated to young children.

“Sometimes I think that the amount of information in my head prevents me to live in peace. Much easier to just exist with a sense of a permanent formatting of the disk. Sometimes I’m sad from the fact that until now not invented by Tesla, have not developed Instagram , has launched a probe to Mars, wrote the song #BadGuy (@billieeilish ) and certainly haven’t received a Grammy.
What I will leave behind? What is my function/mission? To these questions I answer every day, not to become a vegetable and not to disappear without a trace 🙈. Besides, I sunk into the soul phrase of Mitch from the TV series #TheMorningShow : “I think I’m doing something wrong , something absolutely not related to eternity.” Today I started working on his immortality, not to regret what you did! After reading the children’s book “What’s in your diaper?”(it is illustrated by the defecation of various animals💩), which was translated into 32 languages and has a circulation of 500,000 copies, I realized that the time has come my book! For the record , it will be possible to hold an interesting collection of tales. I do believe in my fairy tales will grow up to be decent people!”, – shared thoughts Todorenko. It is worth mentioning that babe and her husband Vlad Topalov raise their year-old son Misha.

Earlier “Znayu” talked about the fact that Regina Todorenko wrote that the Americans and the Japanese – a much more cheerful Ukrainians, and then narrowed her eyes with the fingers.

Also a celebrity wearing an orange Sari, sang to Sandora for some very mysterious language.

And the actress appeared in a very unusual advertising yogurt with sprinkles, showing two sides of himself and shone a huge pregnant tummy.

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