Regina todorenko gave Topalov the debriefing: “You are very scary”

Регина Тодоренко устроила Топалову разбор полетов: "Ты очень страшный"

Regina Todorenko

The star of the Ukrainian TV presenter Regina todorenko showed like jokes on husband Vlad Topalov.

So, on his page on Instagram the actress shared a picture of her husband on a walk with my little son, and gave him a pretty creative Declaration of love.

In particular, the published photo Regina’s husband Vlad Topalov dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. In addition the lens came part of the stroller with the baby.

Регина Тодоренко устроила Топалову разбор полетов: "Ты очень страшный"

Vlad Topalov

“#remaniement @vladtopalovofficial, you’re so old was, ugh, wrinkles on the face, uuuuuu…..jowls sagged, but I still love you, despite the fact that you are a very scary )” – with humor wrote Todorenko.

Supporters of the couples immediately took to comment on the recent frame of the star. Most fans noted Horace a sense of humor couple.

“Decent banter over the haters, I love you, Regina, for the positive “Ahahaaha…. but Lazarev as an Easter egg”. “Men do not tend to run to the beautician for a dose of Botox”. “Taut, slender, intelligent. Let them burst with envy.” “Cool, when in family there is banter over each other)”. “Imagine if Topalov wrote in the whole country))) Regina, Breasts sagged after childbirth, stretch marks and cellulite but I love you.” “Regina, you are done!! To avoid inappropriate criticism of her husband, she wrote , instead of well-wishers subscribers!!)) I did not understand that she is special did to you did not write nasty against her husband, as I have always done?? Regina, you are beautiful , with a great sense of humor, sincere and loving!”.

We will remind, Regina todorenko became the host of a new show about motherhood at the Russian channel “Friday”. Video is the TV announcement of the next issue, in which the presenter talks about his mother’s experience.

As reported “Znayu” Regina Todorenko put colorful frame with his son Michael, noting that they now live in a trailer, however temporarily, while moving from Studio to Studio.

Also “Znayu” I wrote that Regina Todorenko took part in a new challenge from the gloss, Glamour, showing himself without filters and retouching, and asked on what topics the most interesting fans to listen to it.

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