Regina todorenko said about the “cheating” husband

Регина Тодоренко рассказала об "изменах" мужа

Ukrainian TV presenter Regina todorenko in a new episode of its show told whether to change her husband.

Ukrainian TV presenter Regina todorenko and musician Vlad Topalov in December last year for the first time become parents. Married couple for the month before the birth, and soon their family became a young man anymore. After birth, Regina quickly came into shape and was recently filmed for the brand of swimwear. In front of the audience, the TV star was too shy to show the figure and not lost – fans praised Regina for the great appearance and this is after only three months after giving birth, reports the with reference to

15 Mar, on the YouTube channel Regina Todorenko released a new episode of her show Friday with Regina. The guest star this time was the wife of actor Paul Priluchnogo Agata muceniece. She is the mother of two children, actress and blogger. Together the stars discussed the issues of education, family life and more. One of the topics was the question of infidelity. Regina todorenko for the first time commented on the rumors around what Vlad Topalov after the birth of first child began to change his young wife.

“Vlad was always someone trying to frame him for treason. Different Telegram channels write: “Oh, look, he laykaet other people’s photos, some sexy “chick”. And he wrote to her: “Ooh, hot”. And I come sometimes and say to him, “Vlad, please don’t do this here like. Write her in Whatsapp (the messenger – approx. ed.) that it looks cool. Don’t do it publicly”, – said Todorenko.


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