Regina todorenko talked about the difficulties of motherhood

Регина Тодоренко рассказала о трудностях материнства

The presenter shared his impressions from the popular books for parentsYoung mother Regina todorenko, tries to spend more time with his son Michael, reports the with reference to RBC-Ukraine

That’s why she decided to organize the shooting of the show “Friday with Regina” at home and took the baby with them in the UAE, because the child is still breastfed. Leading happy to share with followers their yet little experience of motherhood and gladly listens to advice. In Instagram she speculate on combining career and motherhood, and raising children in the French families.

Regina seriously interested in popular book Pamela Druckerman “French children don’t spit food. Parenting secrets from Paris”. Special attention to the stars caught the statement that French women are self-sufficient and do not consider it necessary to sit in a maternity leave as much as 3 years. She raised the question: how they manage to be equally successful at work and realized in motherhood?

“I was in Abu Dhabi. What can I say… the city saw was only in Ferrari Park, managed to ride 3 roller coaster, and there’s about 18 rides. But while children only way. In another way, I don’t know how, but I will learn. By the way, anyone read “French children don’t spit food”? According to the author, the French are very self-sufficient and consider their freedom a key part of their lives, few people worn like a hen with her baby and maternity leave 3 years (God Forbid that 3 month fumbled), but I in any case do not condemn, but on the contrary I’m attracted to the lifestyle of the Parisian ladies. Just I had in mind the question: How? How they do it, combining motherhood and work without any damage?” asked Regina, adding to text a spicy beach photo in her swimsuit.

Fans of the stars started to share their opinions, noting that in life you have to sacrifice something, because to be equally successful in all fields at the same time is simply impossible.

“I read when I was pregnant. And I think that will be like the French. And now with a real baby on hand I also think:”What?! How do they do it?!”, “This is the problem that it is not without damage. It seems to them so, and then the children grow up under-loved and a lot of internal problems,” “I think they do it to the detriment of the moral health of their children”, “first, they are already part of the mentality. Secondly, they have a great nursery”, “aren’t you doing it? In my opinion very successfully,” – he encouraged the celebrity commentators.

Регина Тодоренко рассказала о трудностях материнства


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