Regional air Transport: the PQ wants a solution 100 % quebec

Transport aérien régional: le PQ veut une solution 100 % québécoise

The member of parliament Joël Arseneau would like to hear the main regional actors in order to find a lasting solution “100 % quebec” to the problem raised by the abandonment by Air Canada for a number of air links in the region.

The one who is also a member of the Committee on transportation and the environment has, therefore, filed an application to this parliamentary group in order that he may obtain a warrant for the initiative, and that it involves in this sense.

Such a mandate, if accepted by the government, Legault would allow elected members of the national Assembly “to hear the key regional stakeholders as well as experts, and to find sustainable solutions guaranteeing stability,” noted Joël Arseneau, by means of a press release on Monday.

“The government should seize this opportunity to prove that on the economic side, it is nationalist; I ask him to take his responsibility and take concrete action to ensure the continuation of air links to regional, essential for our economy and for the occupation and development of the territory”, he explained.

“It is time to take things in hand and to put in place a true national policy of air transport, so that the interests of Quebec’s regions continue to be infringed by bad corporate citizens such as Air Canada,” added the member of the Îles-de-la-Madeleine.

Last Friday, prime minister François Legault said he was open to subsidize an airline to offer connections to be abandoned by Air Canada.

The airline had announced earlier in the week the suspension of its flights to several regional municipalities, such as Gaspé.

Since then, several municipalities have created a cell of urgency to find a solution to the crisis of regional air transportation and ask the government Legault and Ottawa for flights to resume as early as September.

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