Regional President Carole Delga in Brussels to “make the voice of Occitanie heard”

Regional President Carole Delga in Brussels to “make the voice of Occitanie heard”

Carole Delga présente à Bruxelles les projets de lignes nouvelles d'Occitanie, aux côtés d'élus de PACA et de Nouvelle-Aquitaine. R.O.

The President of the Region met European decision-makers on April 3 and 4 in Brussels, and she returns there on April 11.

"Making the voice of Occitania heard by European decision-makers."

This was the objective declared by Carole Delga of her trip to Brussels on April 3 and 4. Where, after a meeting with Philippe Léglise-Costa, permanent representative of France to the EU, then another with Christiane Lambert, who now chairs the Committee of Professional Agricultural Organizations of the EU, the president of Region had participated in the Connecting Europe Days, organized by the Commission.

The President of the Regions of France notably recalled the need to invest "massively » in rail in order to operate "a true ecological transition".

Three high-speed lines

Then present, alongside elected officials from the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur and Nouvelle-Aquitaine Regions, the projects for the two new high-speed lines in Occitanie ( Montpellier-Perpignan, and Bordeaux-Toulouse-Dax-Spain), and that of the new Provence Côte d’Azur line. To finally allow ’to connect northern Europe to southern Europe, and Italy to Spain, as well as to Portugal".

"A New Rail Deal"

She immediately confided to Midi Libre that she was calling for her wishes to &quot ;a New Rail Deal, the creation of an Airbus of aeronautics. This is necessary, because if we had a real technological advance, competition is now tough with the Chinese".

Return to Brussels

Remarks perhaps repeated this Thursday April 11 in Brussels, where Carole Delga is going again. To participate in the ninth Cohesion Forum of the European Commission, which brings together institutional and academic actors, NGOs and social and economic partners, to reflect on the role of the European Union's cohesion policy in improving the well-being of European citizens.

But also, probably, to make the voice of Occitanie heard again.

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