Regional soccer: merger of three clubs to form the largest entity

Regional soccer: Three clubs merging to form biggest entity


Unity is strength, says the proverb.

The Olympic clubs CRSA, Laurentien Mistral and the Caravelles de Sainte-Foy have respected this proverb by uniting to form the CS Trident which has just completed its first summer season after having merged in the fall of 2021. The new entity has 4400 members.

“The reform of Soccer Canada clubs that began in 2018 has brought its share of changes,” explained CS general manager Jérémie Blanchette. It was no longer possible to manage the clubs casually. We had to become an NPO that performs. »

« Solo, it was difficult to achieve and maintain the required structure, continues Blanchette. Governance, infrastructure, coach education, as well as administration and finance are some of the requirements that are being assessed in the new structure. »

CS Trident will apply for Level 4 (National) in December. There will be a one-year evaluation period and the license will be awarded in 2024 if all goes well.

At the moment, CS Trident has level 3 (provincial).

“We are counting on 11 permanent employees and 300 coaches,” said the CEO. We are by far the biggest club in the region. »

Partnership with the SSF

CS Trident and the Séminaire Saint-François have entered into an effective partnership as of the start of the new school year. 

“There is now a common core between the club and the school institution for training and the game model,” explained Blanchette. It is our coaches or our employees who will manage our players at school level and we work hand in hand with the person in charge of the soccer option Paul Bret. »

« In the past, the two structures did not communicate, adds Blanchette. Often overloaded athletes found themselves in the middle of it all. The school season is short and intense. Young people want to play, but we have to make sure everything goes well. »

The CS Trident has 130 players who attend the private institution of Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures. What happens with the other players?

“We have the same concern, assured Blanchette. We will communicate with the schools to ensure follow-up between the two seasons and we will not systematically direct our players to the SSF. »