Regions to discover

Regions to discover


The Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec regions are crossroads that can allow you to walk from one region to another, throughout Quebec. They truly represent what the network of snowmobile trails in Quebec has to offer.

“I believe that these two regions have a lot to offer and above all, they represent great gateways to other destinations elsewhere in Quebec,” explained Réal Camiré, regional administrator for the Fédération des clubs de motoneigistes du Québec. and President of the Federation. They offer several interconnections, which the majority of snowmobilers are looking for. »

To clearly explain what awaits snowmobilers, the expert has decided to go region by region.

< p>“For the Mauricie, we have 1,800 kilometers of trails, maintained by seven clubs. The region is divided into two different entities. There is Basse-Mauricie with the St. Lawrence River as its southern limit, and to the north, Matawin, where it begins to be wooded and mountainous. The lower part of the region offers for the most part trails that pass on private land, in a territory with a rather flat setting. » 

« If we now turn to the side of the Haute-Mauricie, the trails are very often in the mountains, in woods. Snowmobilers will discover several very beautiful viewpoints. »


For this specialist, the north of the region is very busy because it is a hub.

“If I say hub, it is because from Relais 22 in the north from La Tuque, snowmobilers have the choice of taking the direction of Abitibi, another trail can take you to Chapais which is further north and, finally, another trail will take you to Lac-Saint-Jean, in Roberval . »

“The Basse-Mauricie also represents a hub on a smaller scale by offering trails to La Tuque, the city of Saguenay and eastern Quebec. Throughout the region, there are services for accommodation, hotels or outfitters, restaurants and gas, all the services that snowmobilers need. »

crowd of destinations

If we talk about a hub in the case of Mauricie, the same qualifier applies to the Centre-du-Québec region.

“We can take the Victoriaville sector as an example,” explains the expert. There is a trail that can take snowmobilers to Trois-Rivières, in Mauricie. If you go to the other side, taking the disused railway line, you will go to Sherbrooke. If you head east towards Bas-Saint-Laurent, you will be able to reach Gaspé.

“So, again, the interconnectivity of the trails allows us to be able to offer a host of destinations for enthusiasts. It is possible to find everything you are looking for in terms of quality services. For accommodation, several hotels are easily accessible. Also, you will have the possibility of making daisy circuits, offered from your point of accommodation. You can go to visit and return to your hotel every evening. You will discover all kinds of scenery that will offer you very interesting points of view. »

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Finally, it ride everywhere

Snowmobilers can finally have a field day with the opening of all snowmobile trails in Quebec.

“The National Assembly has decreed that February is snowmobile month in Quebec. This is more than true with the implementation of all the elements so that the trails are open throughout Quebec, explained Michel Garneau of the Fédération des clubs de motoneigistes du Québec. Since the beginning of winter, snowmobilers had not had the opportunity to practice their favorite hobby in exceptional conditions like those we currently have. The season is at its best. »

The cold weather is over

The last cold spells destroyed the obstacles that remained to hinder the movement of snowmobilers.

“ The problem that persisted came from the bodies of water that were not frozen. Several trails were closed in whole or in sections, due to stream crossings. Now it is possible to take advantage of the interconnection between regions. This is what makes the strength of the network of 33,000 kilometers of trails that we have in Quebec. We live in Quebec and there will always be a winter. We might as well take advantage of opportunities like snowmobiling to discover our home and take advantage of what all regions have to offer. After three years of sanitary and other measures, we are finally free to practice snowmobiling without restriction. You have to take advantage of it. »

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