Regulation to limit the loitering in Montreal-Nord

MONTREAL | in Order to eradicate “illicit activities”, the borough of Montreal-North has adopted on Monday a resolution to prohibit parking on the south side of the rue Albert-Brosseau between 21 h and 6-h.

Some residents complain that some people park between the streets Ethier and Savard to make the “loitering”, of “crowding” and “sale of narcotics”.

The ban will enable police “to intervene and give them a door of entrance” to the people who are loitering, speaking on Monday, councillor Chantal Rossi at the meeting of the borough council.

This situation does not date from yesterday, but this would be amplified since the beginning of the confinement, mentioned the mayor of MontrĂ©al-Nord, Christine Black. The latter admits “that there might be more people on the cross streets, or other” with this regulation.

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