Rehearsal for the spectacle of the Saint-Jean in Trois-Rivières

Répétition pour le spectacle de la Saint-Jean à Trois-Rivières

The Amphitheatre Cogeco in Trois-Rivières, has welcomed Sunday the many artists who will show for the national holiday on Tuesday.

Rehearsals continue from Tuesday. The director of the show, Jean-François Blais, as well as the director of the Amphitheatre Cogeco, Steve Dubé, must deal with several constraints.

“There are several sanitary measures to comply with the artists, including social distancing. It was a big challenge, a lot of logistics, but we managed to do something very well,” said Mr. Dubé.

For artists, putting on a show in front of empty seats is a little unsettling.

“We are like guinea pigs. What we saw there, no one has ever lived, then one has the choice: either you think it’s flat or we say that it is a never-before-seen-and that, we, we the living,” said Patrice Michaud.

Gregory Charles, himself, points out the strange feeling to finish a song without having to applause: “At least you will have fun with the other artists and people from the technical, it’s just a habit.”

In these times of pandemic, this show helps in any way to revive the culture, which was on pause for months.

In the streets in the vicinity of the amphitheatre, the people have already started to decorate for national day. They wanted to “make it beautiful” for the visitors to appreciate the look.

The organizing Committee of the Fête nationale du Québec invites Quebecers to come out on their balcony, on the 24th of June at 19h, to sing all together the song People of the land of Gilles Vigneault.

It is a way to be together without being in physical proximity.

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