Reims – MHSC: Savanier and Tamari will be ready for the trip to Champagne

Reims – MHSC: Savanier and Tamari will be ready for the trip to Champagne

Mousa Tamari postule pour une place pour le déplacement à Reims. Midi Libre – JEAN MICHEL MART

Le capitaine de Montpellier et l’attaquant jordanien, absent à Clermont, sont opérationnels pour jouer dimanche 21 avril à Reims.

A wide choice. With the exception of left back Théo Saint-Luce, injured in the left thigh, and midfielder Jordan Ferri, suspended, coach Michel Der Zakarian has his entire squad to play Sunday April 21 (3 p.m.) in Reims during the 30th day of Ligue 1.

Playmaker Téji Savanier and winger Mousa Tamari, absent in Clermont
(1-1) due to lower back pain, trained normally on Wednesday and can hold their place in Champagne. Replaced in the last quarter of an hour by Léo Leroy, the Montpellier captain only suffered from thigh cramps and a certain fatigue in the Auvergne heat. Hit in the back, tired and out of sight in recent matches, the Jordanian international took advantage of the end of Ramadan to regain some freshness.

Competition at all positions

The young full-backs Enzo Tchato and Lucas Mincarelli assert themselves and play one match after another. The winter recruits: Tanguy Coulibaly and Yann Karamoh are gradually recovering their legs, catching up with the moving train. Both expand the workforce, infuse real competition and leave the choice to the Hérault technician.

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"It’It’s better to have healthy guys, it’s better to have guys who are healthy ;rsquo;train. When we don’train, we regress and we cannot play at a high level… ", Der Zakarian alert.

Who to replace Ferri ?

To replace Jordan Ferri, the essential holder, the MHSC coach has various solutions. Léo Leroy, Khalil Fayad, who played on Saturday with the reserve, and Becir Omeragic, used in the midfield at Le Havre, are applying to support defensive midfielder Joris Chotard and strategist Savanier.< /p>

Der Zak really has a choice. With the resumption of collective training in Sainte-Luce next Tuesday, and the return of Ferri from suspension, his choice will widen further.

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