Relations with China have been “severely damaged,” said Trump

Les relations avec la Chine ont été « gravement endommagées », estime Trump

Miami | The u.s. president Donald Trump ruled on Friday that the Us relationship with China had been “severely damaged,” citing the crisis of the sars coronavirus, and told not to consider “for the moment” the second phase of the economic agreement signed in January between the two world powers.

China “would have been able to stop” the epidemic of coronavirus and it did ” not done “, has again accused president aboard the presidential plane, en route to Florida. “Relations with China have been seriously damaged “, he assené.

When asked about a future second phase of the agreement signed after two years of trade war, he replied: “I don’t think about it for the moment.”

“Honestly, I have a lot of other things on their minds “, he added.

The pandemic of COVID-19, which appeared the end of 2019 in China, has greatly aggravated tensions between Washington and Beijing. The administration Trump accuses the chinese authorities have been slow to alert the world about the epidemic, and therefore to be responsible for its spread.

The coronavirus “has consequences” on the trade agreement preliminary concluded in the beginning of the year, was recognized in June, an adviser to the chinese government.

This agreement, “phase one” had marked a truce in the trade war between the two leading world powers, with blows of customs taxes punitive on hundreds of billions of dollars of bilateral trade.

Under the terms of this agreement, the authority Trump has committed to postpone any further increase of customs duties. The Chinese on their side have promised to increase to $ 200 billion over two years their purchases of american products compared to the level of 2017.

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