Relatives of Martin Carpentier in shock

Des proches de Martin Carpentier sous le choc

The outcome of the police investigation indicating that Martin Carpentier has killed his daughters Romy and Norah reverses the relatives of the father of 44 who had hoped until the last moment that he has not committed the irreparable.

“[It is in shock], it is extremely sad for the girls, ” says a member of the family-in-law of Martin Carpentier, who was known through the most recent companion of the latter.

Up until Wednesday, “we kept the hope that, at worst, criminal negligence causing death,” says the one who believed in a wrong decision after the road accident, but who could not conceive of a double murder. However, it is ultimately the view taken by the SQ.

Not deliberate

“We don’t know what could be going on in the head of Martin. […] We had dinner with [him] two weeks before the accident. It was, as usual, and his children, it was his whole life. […]. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about him, that is why it is completely inconceivable “, says this lady, who preferred to conceal his name.

According to the survey of the SQ, the output drive of Martin Carpentier, when he was with his girls in Saint-Apollinaire, July 8, was not ” deliberate “, but is a “tipping point” after which his behavior became ” non-standard “.

The children were injured in the lurch, but killed later in the night with a ” blunt object “.

Aside from Carpentier, which was then put an end to his days, ” no one else has participated in the commission of the offence, identified Wednesday chief inspector Guy Lapointe.

“Why ? “

“This is the total misunderstanding,” says another member of the family, always on the side of the last joint of Carpentier. The man remains haunted by a question : “why ? “

“Before the events, Martin, it was a man and a father fantastic. It was 100 times [a] best father that I could be myself. It is unthinkable. I don’t know what fuse that was pete. We don’t understand, nobody understands, ” says this man, who has worked with Carpentier at family gatherings.

“Girls, that was his life, and then it was the same thing vice-versa. The girls were all the time at the neck of their father “, says he.

Martin Carpentier was ” shy “, “discreet” and not ” ‘t talk a lot “. If he lived a difficult period, or certain fears, he would not see, according to him.

The father, 44-year-old did not look depressed, at least, “not in my eyes to me,” he says. The last time he saw him, ” everything was normal “, he concludes.

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