Relaxation of the rules: two students per bench in the school bus

Assouplissement des règles: deux élèves par banc dans les autobus scolaires

The relaxation of the rules regarding transportation to school for the start of the school should simplify the life of many families, since it is now allowed to sit two children per seat on the bus.

Quebec has announced the school network that it will not be necessary to respect a distance of one meter between the students aboard a school bus, contrary to what had been announced in mid-June.

The children will be able to sit two to a bench, but wearing a mask will be mandatory for all high school students. The nursery and primary school, the cover face will be ” strongly recommended “, one can read in a letter sent to the school network on Tuesday.

The students will have to sit down every day at the same place, which will allow to trace more easily the contact if a young person was infected with the COVID-19.

Despite these liberalizations, ” the organization of school transport can not be done as normal “, so that parents who are able are asked to provide transportation for their children.

24-to 48 children

These new guidelines are the result of “the significant improvement of the epidemiological situation” and will avoid ” logistical challenges important “, adds it.

These new rules are so switching from 24 to 48 the number of children who will be able to take a place aboard a school bus this fall. In elementary school, up to 72 students per vehicle could be transported each day.

At the center of academic services of the Browsers, on the South Shore of Quebec, we have “good hope” that this flexibility will allow them to ” return to the eligibility criteria as usual “, one can read in a letter sent to parents.

The obligation to keep the students at one meter distance had forced the school system to completely rethink the organisation of school transport for the new school year and would have deprived thousands of students of a place to board a yellow bus.

A “big headache” to avoid

For Sarah Pack, a mother of four children who lives in the area of Beauport, the changes were so important that she thought “seriously” to remove his children from the school system.

In the beginning of the week, it was announced that there would be more transport midi or bus to preschool students who have a schedule separate.

Schedule changes were also proposed to enable vehicles to make trips in double, so that elementary students would be able to board buses as early as 6: 30 in the morning. “It didn’t make sense, it was a big puzzle “, she says.

Ms. Paquet is now hoped that the easing of the rules would allow his children to find the same transportation services as usual, even if several questions still remain unanswered.


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