Released the first teaser one of the most awaited Ukrainian films

Вышел первый тизер одного из самых ожидаемых украинских фильмов

In the film will show how the Carpathian hunters, headed by Zahar Berkut stopped the invasion of the Mongols

In the network appeared the first teaser for the historical drama “Zakhar Berkut”. Directors paintings were made by Ukrainian film Director Ahtem Seytablaev (“Cyborg”, “haytarma”) and its U.S. counterpart, John winn.

The film shows the events of 1241, when the Mongol Horde, led by Khan Burunday, at the end of his conquest stops at the foot of the Carpathian mountains, and some local hunters – brothers the Eagles – making their way in their condition and freed prisoners.

Khan is enraged and promises to destroy the Carpathian settlement: for this he finds in the local traitor, who opens a secret passage in the mountains. But mountain hunters, under the leadership of Zakhar Berkut, know how to stop the numerous army of Burundi.

The film will be released on 10 October 2019.

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