Relive the conferences of the Salon des Agricultures Méditerranéennes!

The Salon des Agricultures Méditerranéennes took place on June 14 and 15, in Villeveyrac. 
Relive the conferences offered over these two days of the show!


Water resources and agriculture


Guilhem VIGROUX, Secretary General of the Hérault Chamber of Agriculture

Michel GARCIA, Vice President of Water Cycle and SMBT

Nerthe MAULEON, Vice President of Caves Richemer, elected to the Rhône Mediterranean Corsica Basin Committee for Occitanie Agricultural Cooperation, in charge of water and agriculture issues within LCA Occitanie

Jean-Louis CAZAUBON, Vice-President, Food Sovereignty, Viticulture and Mountains

Laurent SULKOWSKI, Agency Director of Suez France

The variety of forms of diversification of agricultural holdings


Patrice LAFONT, President of the CRCM

Pierre-Yves ROUILLE, President at Pays d'OC IGP

Phillipe POUECH, manager and referent of the Gaz Verts Regional Center of Occitanie at AREC Occitanie

Pierre COLIN, farmer at the Agriculture Chamber 34

Dare to agro-ecology!


Yvon PELLET, Deputy Vice-President for Agricultural Economy and Rural Development at the Hérault Departmental Council

Elodie Reboul, Viticulture Advisor for the Gardiole sector at the Agriculture Chamber 34

Rudy GABAUDAN, Farmer from Villeveyrac

Muriel DE LA TORRE, olive grower in Villeveyrac and Moulin de la Dentelle


Transmission and discoveries of agricultural professions and training


Djamila BENNISSAD, Educational Training and Apprenticeship Manager Specialized Veterinary Assistant

Sophie NOGUES, President of the Departmental Technical Committee of Hérault at Safer Occitanie of SAFER Occitanie

Nicolas PLAS, agricultural network sales manager at Groupama Méditérannée

Rebecca POTTIEZ, Business Advisor at the Hérault Chamber of Agriculture

From the earth to the plate!


Agnès D'ARTIGUES, Project Manager – Territorial Food Project at the Syndicat mixte du bassin de Thau

Céline MICHELON from the Chamber of Agriculture 34 and Welcome to the farm

René MORENO, Regional Councilor of the Occitanie Region

Jean-Pascal PELAGATTI, MSA administrator of Languedoc

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