Rémi Chassé unveils a first extract

Rémi Chassé unveils a first excerpt


Rémi Chassé unveiled a new song, “Les Élects des Étoiles”, on Friday. 

This is the first extract from his new EP to be released at Musicor Disques at the beginning of the new year.

This piece also marks an evolution in its musicality, abandoning rock a little in favor of pop. The guitars are still present, but less frontal than on his two previous albums – including “Les cris et les fleurs” which landed on the shelves of record stores more than four years ago.

When writing his new song, Rémi Chassé imagined himself to be a dictator modern that celebrates its superiority. “To express the revenge of an unopposed regime which grants itself all the rights, it seemed current to me”, explained in particular the singer-songwriter by means of a press release.

The singer, discovered in 2014 in the TV hook “The Voice”, currently plays the role of Stacee Jaxx in the musical “Rock of Ages”, which will be presented at Espace Saint-Denis in Montreal from October 27 to November 6. p>