Rémi Notta (The Angels) influencer on Instagram, he reveals his huge salary

Rémi Notta (Les Anges) influenceur sur Instagram, il dévoile son énorme salaire

Rémi Notta (The Angels) influencer on Instagram, he reveals his huge salary

Former candidate for reality tv (Angels, Secret Story), Rémi Notta is now a sports coach, and most importantly, influencer on the social networks. Present on the plateau de TPMP People, he unveiled his incredible wages through Instagram.

Rémi Notta is not only a candidate for reality tv, it is now an influencer. In other words, the young man discovered in Secret Story spends her days building a community around himself in order to sell him, on occasion, advertise in the course of various investments products.

A business mentor

A concept that applies just as much to the tv hosts as each other or actors, and that attracts more and more anonymous. Present on the plateau de TPMP People this Friday the 8th of November, Rémi has said without waffling on this activity and the interest to follow training to get by : “It is seen as it [the cliché of post a picture and say ‘the Protein that is important’, editor’s note], this is a new business, it is a profession for a generation. The business was born, but it is property of the structure with schools, certificates, diplomas… today, everybody can become an influencer. But necessary to become an influencer of quality. And the problem there is that you can find influencers of a quantity“.

Be influencer can pay big dividends

According to him, it is important to follow training courses conducted in order to learn how to do posts, photos, videos,… because this job, when it is well executed, can pay big dividends. Very open on the subject, he confessed : “The last month I have done between 30 and 40 posts. One or two [per day]. Exactly, [it has affected] between 5000 and 6000€. For me it is a real trade, I have a company, I am an employee of my company, we develop contracts, and set up of techniques…

A salary that should make it more than a dream but, Remi recalls, hides a real work behind.

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