Removal of parking: the laboratory Médicus is threatened with closure

Retrait de stationnement: le laboratoire Médicus menacé de fermeture

Parking for people with reduced mobility located in front of a shop that sells items such as wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs have been removed to make way for a corridor that is pedestrian.

“It is incomprehensible, it is not able to reopen,” said the president of the Group Médicus, Jacinte Bleau, speaking of his branch of the boulevard Saint-Laurent on the Plateau Mont-Royal.

The spaces of paid parking reserved for persons with reduced mobility have been replaced by a corridor health, it is a band delimited by bollards where the pedestrians overflowing the sidewalk to stand further away from each other, for example when there is frequently a queue due to a trade to close. According to a spokesperson for the borough, Michel Tanguay, it is the presence of a bank BMO not far from here that has justified the establishment of the corridor.

“What I find most deplorable is that the laboratory Médicus has never been consulted on this new development. The decision has been taken without taking into account the very specific needs of its customers,” wrote the president of the Group Médicus, in an email sent to the elected officials of the borough on 20 may, which remained without response.

The latter pointed out that this space also serves as a landing stage more than ten times per day for paratransit clients.

The district has, for its part, explained that the business development Corporations have been notified of these facilities, but not every trade.

Closure considered?

The trade, which has been closed for several weeks due to the pandemic, was to reopen Monday. Gold, Groupe Médicus has decided to postpone by a week the opening of its branch office and has moved more than 80 consultations as a result of this development. This deferral gave rise to income losses estimated at more than $ 10 000.

If the borough of Plateau-Mont-Royal does not come back on its decision to remove the parking spaces reserved for persons with reduced mobility in the face of his branch, the Group Médicus may need to put the key under the door.

The district indicates that adjustments should be made to leave spaces reserved for persons with reduced mobility.

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