Removed and gone: in the United States there was an unusual robbery

In the home of the American snuck into the unknown, but nothing was stolen

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Убрал и ушел: в США произошло необычное "ограбление"

“Thief” did the cleaning in the house at the American

The police of the city of Marlborough (Massachusetts, USA) received an unusual statement from a man named Nate the novel. American reported that his apartment was an unidentified man, however, stole nothing, and only removed in several rooms, writes CNN.

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Nate claims that he returned home with his son and found that the door was not locked. The man immediately thought that the apartment was robbed. However, all things in the room were in their places. Moreover, in the morning in his son’s room had been ransacked, but someone turned the order there: removed the toys and vacuumed the carpets. In the bedroom of the Novel itself is also cleaned up. In the bathroom American found washed bowl and a rose made out of toilet paper. But the kitchen, he said, was dirty.

Nate immediately called the police. Since he did not steal anything and did not break, police had to investigate. The victim suggested that cleaners are just mixed up the addresses. Although it is not clear why they ignored the kitchen.

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