Remparts: in the mind of Patrick Roy, this will be his “last game” behind the bench in the regular season at the Videotron Center

Remparts: in the mind of Patrick Roy, this will be his «last game» behind the bench during the regular season at the Videotron Center


Patrick Roy has never hidden his intentions to retire as head coach of the Quebec Remparts at the end of this season. Even if nothing is set in stone yet, he will lead Friday night's show at the Videotron Center as if it were his last in the regular season, in front of the team's fans. < /p>

As he has often repeated, his final decision will rest on the intentions of Simon Gagné, whom he has identified as his successor provided, of course, that he accepts the challenge. 

“In my mind, this is my last game, he mentioned all the same. It's time to think about me and move on. As I've said time and time again, we're going to have a better idea at the end of the season. I really like the Remparts and I will never leave the team in difficulty. I want to stay in the entourage and my goal is to be the general manager of the team. I want to stay in the organization, close to people and fans and try to build good teams while being more free with my time.  

“That's all I want to happen to me. It's all going to be about Simon and when he's made his decision, we're going to sit down together. Stirring it up, right now, is not one of my priorities.” 

First rank in play

For now, the Remparts have the opportunity to confirm their first place in the general standings by winning the last two games of the season, Friday and Saturday, against the Rimouski Océanic. 

Already, they are guaranteed to finish, worst-case scenario, second. 

“It doesn't matter, we know that no matter who we face in the playoffs, we're going to have our hands full. That's why we take the way we have to play very seriously so that we won't have to make adjustments but compliment elements in order to be competitive and win those games.”&nbsp ;

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