Remy Girard's career in 5 souvenir photos

The career of Rémy Girard in 5 souvenir photos


 Outstanding character 

In 1986, Rémy Girard, aged 36, alongside Yves Jacques during an interview to talk about the social satire by Denys Arcand, The Decline of the American Empire which was to prove a triumph. Seventeen years later, in 2004, Rémy resumed his character, this time asking for medical assistance in dying, in The Barbarian Invasions, a film crowned with the Oscar for best foreign language film.

Great start 

Rémy Girard, in great demand in 1988, after the success of the film The Decline of the American Empire. The role of teacher entrusted to him by Denys Arcand had been a huge springboard for his career. At the time, in addition to playing on TV, the comedian often appeared in three films a year, including The Revolving Doors and Jésus de Montréal, which won him awards. Interpretation genius. 

30 years ago, Scoop 

Rémy Girard playing Lionel Rivard, the desk editor of the daily L'Express, a superb character who shouted energetic “Cercueil! » and « We kill the front page! » and who swallowed swigs of alcohol, in the TV series Scoop, created by Fabienne Larouche and Réjean Tremblay. The actor has played in about fifty TV series, including twenty in the 1990s, notably in La petite vie with Pogo. 

Unforgettable Stan 

In the first film The Boysby Louis Saïa, released in 1997, the public discovered the colorful owner of the Brasserie at Stan, where the garage hockey team met after hard-fought games. Huge success at the Quebec box office, the actor will return to service in the three following boys films and in the TV series, notably alongside Michel Charrette who played his shy son. 

Father Bougon 

The famous head of the family of professional schemers, in François Avard's hit series Les Bougon, c'est that's life too!broadcast on Radio-Canada from 2004 to 2006. Rémy Girard resumed his role ten years later in the cinema (photo) when Paul Bougon founded the National Disgust Party (the PEN). The actor has played in more than 50 films in his career.

  • We find Rémy Girard in the series Portrait-robot as detective Bernard “Molossian” Dupin, an obnoxious old-timer, as part of a team responsible for unsolved crimes. On TVA, Thursdays at 9 p.m. 
  • Rémy Girard plays the role of Clément Francœur in the series L'Échappée, the rogue and alcoholic father of Brigitte (Julie Perreault) and Noémie (Anick Lemay). On TVA, Mondays at 8 p.m. 
  • The actor is also in the series De Pierre en fille< /strong>, a fusional relationship between a father and his daughter, freely inspired by his own life. Daphnée's father (Julianne Côté) is played by Patrice Robitaille. Rémy Girard and Patsy Gallant play his grandparents. Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse, Pierre-Yves Lord and Karelle Tremblay are also in the cast. On the Extra d'Ici 
  • Rémy also plays in the series Les mutants< /strong>. He camps there Zoubi, the grandfather of the brothers Léo and Tom who come to live with him. A story of young people trying to save a strange, changing family. On Télé-Québec, Monday to Friday 3:30 p.m. 
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