Réno-Toys calls for generosity

R & eacute; no-Toys is launching a call to generosity/n & eacute; ></p><p> MISE & Agrave; DAY</p><p> <strong> The Réno-Toys Foundation sends out a cry from the heart to the population and appeals to their generosity, even though they have only raised 25% of the amount they usually collect annually . </strong></p><p>Each year, the Réno-Toys Foundation usually collects more than $ 200,000 in donations, as part of various fundraising campaigns held throughout the year. This year, the reality is quite different.</p><p> “The most difficult thing about the pandemic is that we had a lot of activities that allowed us to raise money year round. For the past two years, we have not received any money, except for donations from generous donors, “explains Annie Asselin, Executive Director of the foundation.</p><p>For the time being, the organization has only managed to raise $ 50,000, which is clearly insufficient to fulfill its mission, which is to give toys to children from disadvantaged backgrounds throughout Quebec. & Nbsp;</p><p> “It's not a lot,” says Ms. Asselin sadly. What we need is money. We don't just give away toys at Christmas. Children, they are poor all year round. “</p><p> <strong> Growing requests </strong></p><p> She adds that with the pandemic, requests for donations have increased. She fears that she will not be able to meet all the demands. & Nbsp;</p><p>“The requests for donations, they have not decreased, it is difficult to provide”, laments the general manager. & Nbsp;</p><script async=

The foundation is now relying on their only fundraising campaign which is will be held on December 7th. This is the “The Gift of Laughing” event, a comedy show starring André-Philippe Gagnon, P-A Méthot and Cathleen Rouleau. The “on-site” formulas have easily found takers, but the organization wants to boost sales of the formula by webcast.

“We are betting a lot on the possibility of buying the link at $ 30 to listen to the show at home, ”explains Ms. Asselin.

The donations raised will go to the Réno-Toys Foundation, but also to the Antoine Fund, which supports organizations devoted to people affected by global developmental delay, an autism spectrum, an intellectual disability or epilepsy.

► To watch the webcast: www.boutiquecomediha.com.

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