RénoAssistance offers a new guarantee for the renovations

Consumers who engage in renovation work will benefit from a new warranty if they use the platform for seo RénoAssistance.

This new warranty is free of charge. It covers deposits up to 25% of the value of a contract for the renovation (to a maximum of$ 25,000), up to 25% of the cost of completion of the work (limit of$ 25,000), repair of defects, apparent reported to the contractor up to 10 days after the end of the work (limit of$ 10,000), and the defects or hidden defects up to one year after the end of the project ($10,000 limit).

“We consider that the protections of government, including those of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec [RBQ] are a must, but not necessarily adequate,” explains Eric Périgny, founder and chief operating officer of RénoAssistance. “For example, if a contractor harvesting tens of thousands of dollars of deposits from several clients and that he will disappear in the nature without carrying out the contracts, the CCQ will provide a little sum important to each customer. Well below what they would have paid individually in advance.”

“We are so confident in our formula of seo that we decided to offer it ourselves, without the assistance of an insurer,” he says. The company says that its new warranty is unique in the country.

Question of trust

RénoAssistance, of which Desjardins group is the majority shareholder, enables you to put a consumer in touch with a contractor. It offers its users up to three contractors that she has previously qualified.

The company has developed a methodology that uses an algorithm that measures the confidence, based on 54 indicators of verification. It has a network of over 1000 entrepreneurs, and more than 77,000 customers (82% in residential) use its services annually, for projects whose value exceeds$ 200 Million. The average value of these jobs is$ 77,000. It has 45 employees and has distinguished itself in a survey by the magazine Protect Yourself on this type of service.

Mr. Périgny founded RénoAssistance a decade ago after been scammed for more than$ 50 000 by home contractors. “And yet, I knew a lot about the renovation, having done a training of the APCHQ,” he said. I said to myself that if, me, I had to take, anyone can be a victim.” The company has commissioned a survey from Ipsos in the spring of 2018, which reveals that 17% of the owners montreal (14% in the échelle québécoise) claimed to have had work done botched that had to be started.

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