Rent for pedaling

Louer pour pédaler

Not having a bike should not restrain a desire to pedal this summer, since it is always possible to rent one in the city at the foot of the mountains. So here are six good reasons to adopt the lease.

1. The discovery of his region differently

Because Quebecers are likely to spend more time in their region this summer, why not take the opportunity to rediscover the city of Quebec to the handlebars of a bike rented ? Whether to go to the Big Market of Quebec city, the Montmorency falls or on the South Shore via the ferry, for example, “this is so much better at biking,” says Émilie Pelletier, business development manager at Cyclo Services, on the rue Saint-Paul. The tourists who enjoy the rental service “arrive with a smile […], then come back with a bigger smile and eyes that sparkle,” says Ms. Pelletier, who wants to live ” what is happiness on two wheels to the people of Quebec this summer “.

The shop, Cyclo Services, in the Old Port, offers bicycle rentals for exploring the city.

2. Cyclists, casual, filled

If the number of bike riding does not justify the purchase and the maintenance cost of a bicycle, which would take the dust between the two hikes, it may be best to rent one at the time to have ants in the legs. Thus, it becomes possible to follow a group of friends and bike lovers in one of their journeys, or schedule a ride along cycle paths with family members in the region, for example. The rental of an electric bike allows the same to move to the rhythm of the experts, which can prove to be an advantage for novice cyclists and people with less physical abilities.

3. Space management facility

Since a bike does not always find its place in a living environment restricted, and it can be complex to carry on the three floors separating one apartment to the street, several people who like to travel on two wheels might prefer to have recourse to the rental, short or long term.

4. Live a new experience

It is said that there is a first time for everything. Discover the electric bicycle or a style of cycling never experienced. Tame the tandem with a friend, ride a bicycle, in the company of a child sitting in a seat or a giraffe, rent a trailer for a getaway of a few days camping, etc That is of new experiments that can be carried out with the aid of a bike and equipment rented, susceptible to develop a new passion, and then to reassure future owners during any purchases.

5. Maintenance-free

Useless to make an annual tune-up, inflate tires before every ride, to solve a problem of brakes, derailleur, or repair a flat tire, because the bike is at its best at each output. Team rental center does. “The bike gets the love as soon as they need it,” says Ms. Pelletier.

6. Directly at the foot of the mountain

When it is impossible or difficult to transport one or several bikes to the foot of the mountain to climb and to go down, that often rises far away from the urban centres, it becomes practical to take advantage of the rental services available at the trailheads. No need to own a car with a holder to fix his bike safely before you leave, because there will be a program for you at your arrival.

For those, big and small, who want to learn to mountain bike and do not have the necessary equipment, the rental turns out to be an advantage. Valley Arms-du-Nord in Portneuf, for example, the rental for the whole family, “for children from the age of 5 years, as well as to adults, all sizes combined,” explains Magali Hurtubise, coordinator for written communications and social media, to meet the needs of all the lovers and future lovers of this sport.

Note : In this time of pandemic, particular attention is paid to the disinfection of the bikes before and after the rental, as well as to the social distancing in the shop. To facilitate this, announce your arrival and inform you of the procedure to follow from the rental company chosen.

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