Reopening of borders outside of the EU : a first list of countries established in the next week

Réouverture des frontières hors UE : une première liste de pays établie la semaine prochaine

PARIS | The Europeans will “middle of the next” a first list of fifty countries outside the EU with which the borders will be reopened, said Friday the French secretary of State for foreign Affairs.

“We are going to finalize this by mid next week”, said Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne on France 2, referring to a “very intense” and “coordinated” among Europeans.

“The idea is to have maybe a list of fifty countries which have controlled the epidemic and for which one does not involve the safety of the French, the Europeans”, he added.

The external borders of the EU and of the Schengen area, closed since march 17 to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus, should be reopened progressively from 1 July. The borders intraeuropéennes already are, in large part, on June 15.

The list of countries will be established “from “data is very objective epidemiological as the incidence rate” (the number of new cases per 100 000 inhabitants) and updated “every fifteen days”, said Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne.

It was not clear if major destinations such as the United States or Canada would be included in this first list. He suggested, however, that Latin American countries such as Brazil would have to wait.

“Latin America includes countries for which at this time the virus is circulating actively, we think in Brazil”, he said.

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