Reopening of performance halls: a commotion for managers

Reopening of performance halls: a fight for managers


The day after the announcement of the reopening of the performance halls on February 7, it's the commotion for the broadcasters and managers of the establishments who will not be able to hold all the planned shows. with 50% of the accommodation capacity.

“We take the announced measures and we do with it… There is not much enthusiasm… For several shows, it's not worth it. Basically, it's not profitable,” said the general manager of Côté-Cour, Dario Larouche, who does not really have the heart to celebrate.

The Côté-Cour performance hall in the borough of Jonquière, in Saguenay, will be authorized to accommodate only 65 spectators.

Establishments will also not be able to count on the income generated by the sale of alcohol since it will be prohibited.< /p>

“Of course it hurts financially once again, because these are significant revenues for performance halls, especially cabaret halls, like the Palace Theater for example,” said Claudine Bourdages, director of programming at Diffusion Saguenay.

“If we don't have the bar, if we don't have full capacity, there are several shows that we can't hold… Even if we have the possibility of opening on February 7, our first activity will only be on [February] 24,” explained Mr. Larouche.

Postponement, cancellation, refund, it's a whole lot of gymnastics for broadcasters and managers, especially since the shows for the next few weeks had all been planned in full rooms.

“Several shows, in particular comedians or popular singers, exceed the 50% gauge allowed by public health. For us, that represents 367 seats instead of the usual 776. As soon as this maximum is reached, we can no longer present the show. So we have to think about a postponement, “said the communications manager of Ville d’Alma Spectacles, Stéphanie Girard.

“If the artist is available two evenings online, it becomes possible. If not, we have to postpone it. We can't start saying to our customers: excuse us, madam, you're the 401st, you can't be there… There's no question of getting into that,” added Claudine Bourdages from Diffusion Saguenay.

And what is special this time is that “public health appeals to the judgment of all broadcasters to establish a safe distance between each bubble”.

“We have a gray area that has appeared, which is completely new. For us, it's complex because there, we have to redo the seating plans once again and then there, we don't know how far and how long this 50% rule will last, “wonders Ms. Bourdages. .

Broadcasters ask customers to be understanding and monitor their email for what's happening with their show.

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