Reopening: the cinemas reassured

Réouverture: les cinémas rassurés

After having expressed concern on Monday vis-à-vis the rule of the 1.5 m distance imposed between the spectators in the theaters, the theater owners were reassured by the clarification of the public health on Tuesday.

“We had a discussion with the public health this morning [Tuesday] and they told us that they would tolerate a distance of a little less than 1.5 m in order to allow us to use all the rows of our classrooms and leave only two empty seats among the audience “, stressed the Newspaper, the president of Cinemas Guzzo, Vincent Guzzo.


As the distance between each row is 1.33 m and each chair is approximately 61 cm wide, the cinema owners were afraid that the rule of 1.5 m in the halls requires them to leave three empty seats between the spectators, by using only one row on two. Such constraints would have forced them to operate at less than 20% of the capacity of their rooms.

The government has given the green light to the reopening of the theaters as of June 22, with a maximum of 50 people per room.

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