Repatriation of Canadians in Syria: Canada accused of not doing enough

Rapatriement des Canadiens en Syrie: le Canada accusé de ne pas en faire assez

Canada is once again being accused of not doing enough to repatriate its nationals imprisoned in Syria in appalling conditions for being in contact with the armed group, islamic State.

According to the organization Human Rights Watch, dozens of Canadians are detained illegally for more than a year by the armed forces that have fought the terrorist group on the ground until his defeat.

Their number is estimated at 47, including 26 children born to parents who were suspected of having joined the jihad.

“Most of the children were under 6 years of age, and among them is an orphaned 5 years ago,” he wrote in a summary of the report published Monday by Human rights Watch.

Difficult Conditions

There we learn that most of the detainees, canadians are sick and traumatized, that the camps are so overcrowded that they often have to sleep on each other.

One of them claims to have been tortured by the democratic Forces in syria (FDS), an armed group supported by the United States in the fight against the caliphate set up by the group islamic State.

Some claim to have fought the islamic State in reality. One of 13 Canadian prison said to have been raped by her captors islamists, according to Human Right Watch.

Canada’s responsibility

Remember that the forces of kurds, who hold the prisoners, have already called on foreign powers to take back their nationals, who do not have the capacity to keep on-site.

According to Human Rights Watch, most of the countries have been much more proactive than Canada.

To “abandon its citizens in detention, unlimited, and illegal, in camps and prisons are dirty, overcrowded and unsafe does nothing to improve the security of Canada,” said via a press Letta Tayler, a senior researcher senior division, Crises and conflicts of Human Rights Watch.

“On the contrary, this can have the effect of feeding the despair and radicalization and violent, and punishes the innocent children for the crimes that have been committed by their parents,” she continued.

According to the organization, which advocates for the rights of the person, Canada will have the responsibility to reintegrate these citizens on their return. It may also initiate legal proceedings against those who have participated in terrorist activities there.

World affairs Canada defends itself washing its hands of its responsibilities. The federal government indicates rather that its repatriation efforts are more complicated in this case, as there is no canadian embassy in Syria.

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