Report of the VG: Our military lack the equipment in mission

Rapport de la VG: Nos militaires manquent de matériel en mission

OTTAWA | The canadian military receive the equipment they need to perform their mission in delay in 50% of cases, which compromises the success of the missions and increases costs, prevents the auditor general of Canada.

Uniforms, food, spare parts and other are basic tools essential, both to respond to emergencies in Canada to take part in support missions and keeping the peace in the world.

But once on two, our military personnel receive it late. Fifty percent of the delays are at least 15 days, and 25 % are at least 40 days. Worse, some delays may exceed even a year, reveals the audit on procurement of the canadian armed Forces.

Stocks are poorly managed

“Overall, we found that poor management of the supply chain had often prevented the national Defence to provide equipment to the canadian armed Forces at a time when they were in need,” writes the auditor general.

In many cases, the material is not stored, neither at the desired location or at a time when it is required. The minimum level of stocks is often zero in the supply system.

The analyzed period was completed in January 2020. It therefore does not cover the weeks of the pandemic COVID-19, during which members of the military have been called in reinforcement in the CHSLD in Quebec and Ontario.

The report, however, is indicative of a problem that cripples the armed Forces for a long time. In December 2018 already, an analysis by the national Defence revealed out-of-stock issues to the supply depots in Montreal and Edmonton.

However, “Canada’s national security and the success of canadian military operations abroad depend on the ability of national Defence to provide the canadian armed Forces the equipment they need to fulfill their missions,” according to the auditor general.

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