Report requested for the recycling of fridges

Report demandé pour le recyclage des frigos

The merchants will not be ready before September 2021 to implement the programme on the recovery of the appliances, which should begin in December, due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

Last may, the canadian Council of the retail trade (RCC) has asked the Environment minister Benoit Charette a report in December 2021.

Report demandé pour le recyclage des frigos

Jean-François Belleau

“We call on the government to show understanding and pragmatism in the context where there is a pandemic, and where several retailers are experiencing financial difficulties,” explained the Journal of Jean-François Belleau, director of government relations for the RCC.

In a letter dated the 26th of June last we have obtained, the minister responds to the RCC and the Association of manufacturers of domestic appliances that it “tolerate” delays in the establishment of the program, but until April 1, 2021.

The accountability reporting and the calculation of the rate of recovery will, however, be calculated from the activities of the seller as of 5 December of this year.

“Anyway, the month of April, it is really too early,” replies Mr. Belleau, puzzled.

$90 million

In November 2019, the minister Charette, had announced a regulation that would require producers to put in place a system of recovery and recycling of home appliances.

The government wants to ensure that these devices will be recovered properly and avoid greenhouse gas emissions, in particular halocarbons that are in the gas and the foam refrigerants are released into the atmosphere.

As there are no manufacturers of major appliances in the province of Quebec, the responsibility of the suppliers and retailers. An envelope of$ 90 Million over 10 years is planned to develop this system and to avoid that consumers pay a écofrais of $ 70 per unit.

However, the retailers claim that the costs will be much higher.

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