Rescue in extremis: a baby in a stroller saved by a passerby

Rescue in extremis: a baby in a stroller saved by a passerby


A baby in a stroller who was hurtling down a small hill heading straight for a highway in front of the helpless eyes of a relative was saved, at the last second, by a passerby who managed to intercept him at time. 

“I look back and I see a stroller going down the highway and my heart stopped,” testified Donna Gunderson, the rescuer’s sister, in an interview with NBC Los Angeles (NBCLA) Wednesday.

In video captured by surveillance cameras, a stroller can be seen gently rolling down a busy seven-lane-wide road in California under the helpless eyes of the baby's great aunt who tried to stop him, in vain.

Attempting to chase the stroller, pushed by the wind according to the testimony, the latter would have tripped and injured her knee. Unable to get up, she reportedly cried for help.

That's when a good Samaritan, Ron Nessman, reportedly came to the baby's rescue.

< p>“She did everything she could to get back on her feet. Her knees were bleeding when I got to her. She was in shock and she was crying,” he said in an interview with NBCLA.

“I knew I could reach it and I did, and I'm really grateful for that. that because I really wouldn't have wanted to see the result if I hadn't been there,” he continued.

Homeless for about eight years, since the death of his spouse, the man was in the area because he was returning from an interview at a restaurant, NBCLA reported. He had been living with his sister for three months at the time.