Rescue spectacular of a child started on the third floor

Sauvetage spectaculaire d’un enfant lancé du troisième étage

PHOENIX, Arizona – A former player of college football has become a hero after catching a three year old child started on the third floor of a burning building in Phoenix, Arizona.

This rescue spectacular happened on July 3 last and the scene, captured by video, has become viral, according to CBS.

Trapped by the flames, the mother of the boy of three years had no other choice than to drop down to the balcony of their home.

Seeing that those who waited for the small child seemed not to know how to take it, Philip Blanks, a former player for the Kalamazoo Central High School, jumped to catch it before it touches the ground.

The boy of three years old was pulled out without injury, but his mother died in the fire.

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