Research Section season 13 : Franck Semonin ready to leave the series ? He answers us (Itw)

Section de recherches saison 13 : Franck Sémonin prêt à quitter la série ? Il nous répond (Itw)

Research Section season 13 : Franck Semonin ready to leave the series ? He answers us (Itw)

For a little more than five years, Franck Semonin performer Lucas Auriol in Section of the research, including the season 13 is currently being broadcast on TF1. But he already planned to leave the series ? Can he follow the same path that Jean-Pascal Lacoste, Chrystelle Labaude or Manon Azem ? The actor responds in an interview to PRBK.

In thirteen years, the series research Section has seen new players arrive… and leave. The departures are also quite many as that of Jean-Pascal Lacoste, Linda Hardy (Tomorrow belongs to us), Bliss The Game, Vincent Primault Kamel Belghazi, Chrystelle Labaude (A big sun), and Manon Azem, back in season 13 the time of two episodes. It is in the world, but according to Xavier Deluc, “these departures could reinvigorate the series.” A little novelty never hurts right ?

Franck Semonin on the start ?

On the other hand, the fans of Section of research, they are a little frightened by all of these actors/actresses leave the show of TF1, in the course of the journey. They even wonder if Xavier Deluc and Franck Semonin did not expect from their turn.

To reassure, we asked the interpreter to Lucas Auriol and his response should make them happy : “Every morning, I wake up with the mother, the mountain, the sun and I found my buddy Xavier, do you really think I could have thought a single stop with this kind of project ? I measure the privilege that he has given me to do this business for the channel TF1, which is the first chain in europe. I am extremely privileged. There is not a single moment where I told myself that I was going to stop the series. This is not in my plans“, he confided to PRBK.

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“We cannot continue at this pace”

Xavier Deluc, to him, was less reassuring : “If one wants a certain comfort, and be always demanding with the series, it may not continue at this pace. I love research Section, it is a big job, a comfort, too, but at some point it will need to be prepared gently to say: what is your next flight? Leaves to take a gadin. Currently I feel empty, dry, then I’ll turn on Wednesday, “explained the interpreter of Martin Bernier at TV Mag.


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