Residences deserted by their employees for the benefit of the CHSLD

Des résidences désertées par leurs employés au profit des CHSLD

An owner of private residences for seniors (RPA) has had enough of getting fleeced. Not only officers left to obtain a better pay in NURSING, but a nurse also has deserted to go to the training of future servants to $ 49,000 !

A few days after the alluring advertisement of recruitment of employees to the beneficiaries of the government Legault to offset the shortage of labor in NURSING homes, three of its employees have chosen to go to follow the accelerated training.

“They move the problem. There is a shortage of labour, it was a pandemic, which is in addition to all of that and we have to fly employees to solve the problem in their NURSING homes, ” complains an owner of RPP of the region of Québec, who requested anonymity to avoid disturbing the families of its residents.

The employees, who were paid $ 16 per hour in its institutions, have chosen to make a larger salary to the public.

At the last moment

But the icing on the cake, it is the hasty departure of a nurse to go and train future servants of the public.

The latter has been informed that she was chosen to teach that only a few days before the start of the accelerated training of three months.

“Not only do they come to us looking for staff, but they come to get them at the last minute, most. They knew very well that this nurse was working in a RPA, and they take it to go and give training to employees that they have stolen, ” said the owner.

Taken of course, the latter had to resort to the services of a placement agency, an option that he prefers to generally avoid in the time of a pandemic. Employees of agencies sail from residence to residence, ” he recalls.

According to him, the CAQ has not been sufficiently thought out before announcing with great fanfare the recruitment tantalizing 10,000 orderlies to overcome the shortage of staff in NURSING homes.

He is of the opinion that Quebec had first to provide an assistance plan to the RPA stating its intentions in relation to the premium COVID-19 of $ 4 per hour currently paid to the attendants of the private. If the government had announced the continuation of this long-term incentive, the employees would have been less tempted to desert the private, he says.

The ministry of Education has never responded about the number of aspirants and servants selected to attend the accelerated training that came from RPP.

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