Responsibility of the port of the mask: the merchants of Quebec divided

Responsabilité du port du masque: les commerçants de Québec divisés

Traders of Quebec are divided with respect to their role require the wearing of the mask to their customers, as of 18 July, failing which they are liable to heavy fines.

To avoid having to refuse customers on the doorstep, the Blaxton avenue Cartier has made provision of masks.

“It’s going to get one so that they remain with us. The prime minister has been clear. In a restaurant, once seated, everyone can remove his mask. It is only when you get up. For our operations, it does not change anything. For the atmosphere, not more,” said Antoine Rouleau, co-owner.

“It is a good thing. According to me, the rules were not quite tight. Even for the Purell, there are people who don’t listen. It is ready to police and to refuse people if they don’t have a mask,” added Marine Saint-Jacques, which was used in the specialized shop in A corner of the world.

The owner of the shop The girls fancy, Magalye Solano, counting on the good cooperation of its customers to comply with this new rule. Ms. Solano’s view is that “people are respectful, and they understand well what is going on”.

“I think that there will be no problem with that,” she said.

No choice

Christopher Gagnon-Lavoie, co-owner of the Bookstore in the Neighborhood, is ready to submit to this new measure, even if he has no choice.

“This is not really nice to enforce rules that are not ours. If customers are angry or that they do not want to put it in, it scans it in the court of the merchants,” said Mr. Lavoie.

“As it’s going to be compulsory, it will not be very complicated to enforce. If someone doesn’t want to wear a mask, we’re just going to ask him not to come in”, he continued. According to him, the impact of this measure is difficult to assess at the present time.

Luc Boutin, manager of the Teinturerie Française on the avenue Cartier, expects to have to often repeat the instruction, even if the seamstresses on the premises are already asking the customers to wear the mask during the measurement.

“It’s like for dogs. They are asked not to enter with their dog. At times, it is necessary that it lasts a long time,” he confided.

Play the police

“We don’t have the choice. It is the government that decides,” said Sami Boudaya, owner of the Coffee Waves.

By contrast, he adds, “this is not up to us to play police.”

“This is our livelihood. If the government has a plan, that he applies it. We can ask the customer, but it is not up to us to play police. It is not my duty to me,” said Mr. Boudaya.

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