Restaurant owners angry in the Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec

Des restaurateurs en colère en Mauricie et dans le Centre-du-Québec

SHAWINIGAN – The anger and the impatience of restorers up and a wave of protest against the forced closure of the terraces of the restaurants moved.

The movement was launched by Laurent Proulx, owner of The restaurant le Vieux Saint-Charles, located in the Centre-du-Québec. It had taken the decision to install a deck in the parking lot of his establishment, and, in spite of the prohibition of the public Health.

Since then, the idea is propagated to restaurants that are struggling to keep the head out of the water since the beginning of the pandemic. Many entrepreneurs are on the verge of bankruptcy.

Only in Shawinigan, 75 % of restaurant owners have found themselves in a financial situation extremely precarious. Three schools have already closed their doors.

“Is it that the government is going to dare to give a citation to the owners who no longer have even enough money to put bread on the table? It would be ordinary! It is obvious that some restaurateurs are going against the rules,” argued the president of the Regroupement des gens d’affaires du centre-ville de Shawinigan, Claude Villemure.

“From my side, I’m going to wait for the authorization of the public Health, since there may be risks. After months, a few days or weeks, I prefer to wait,” stressed. Martin Lampron Bawdy House.

The pressure of the environment made it all the way to Quebec, since they have promised an announcement at the beginning of the next week. A date of re-openings and earnings for the terraces should be presented.

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