Restaurant owners want to challenge the government by opening their dining rooms

Restaurant owners want to challenge the government by opening their dining rooms< /p> UPDATE DAY

Restaurants in Greater Montreal will challenge the Legault government on January 30 and open their dining rooms in defiance of the sanitary rules in force.

Some restaurateurs have expressed their position in the last days on social networks. 

According to what can be read in a publication circulating a lot recently on Instagram, an invitation is launched to merchants, restaurateurs, entrepreneurs and sports associations to join “a national mass movement without (code) QR” to open their establishments at 30 January 2022. According to the rules in effect, restaurants can only serve meals for take-out or delivery.

Le Kesté, a restaurant located on Fairmount Street West in Montreal, will open on this date. In a post on their Instagram account, the Montreal establishment justifies its choice by saying that it can no longer “comply with arbitrary measures”.

“[These measures] have proven ineffective in solving the problem that we are all facing. If nothing changes and we don't take a stand, small businesses will turn into something of the past,” it read.

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“As a city, we all need to work together to stop allowing unnecessary lockdowns that no one is supporting. We cannot repair the damage caused in the past, but we can certainly prevent it from happening again”, adds the one who invites restaurateurs to join them.

The Cafe-teria Europa, a Laval restaurant, also took a stand, by sharing the same publication. For their part, the establishment stresses that the vaccine passport “is not relevant”.

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Vincenzo Guzzo, owner of Cinémas Guzzo, also reposted the said photo on his Instagram account, without however clearly indicating whether he was going to take part in the movement.

Not a good idea, according to a bar association

The president of the Union of Bar Tenanciers of Quebec, Peter Sergakis (left), and the president of the Corporation of Bar Owners, Breweries and taverns of Quebec, Renaud Poulin.

The president of the Corporation of Bar, Brewery and Tavern Owners of Quebec (CPBBTQ), Renaud Poulin, was made aware of the situation by one of its members who wanted to join the movement. Renaud Poulin disapproves of this protest movement.

“Defying the laws tarnishes the image of the industry and can encourage the government to be tougher with our industry,” he says.

The president of the CPBBTQ stipulates, however, that he “will advise François Legault today of the disarray in which thousands of merchants currently find themselves due to the sanitary measures imposed by his government.”

“ The financial situation is increasingly unsustainable for all these entrepreneurs,” he adds.

Restaurant workers explain the labor shortage &nbsp ; 

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